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2 nov 2018 om 11:11 The delivery was made one hour forty minutes after I placed the order and the restaurant did not even communicate with me to explain.
31 okt 2018 om 21:29 Fantastic food! Always reliable! Love it and highly recommend it!
28 okt 2018 om 21:03 Niet voor herhaling vatbaar. Lauw en bijna geen smaak.
25 okt 2018 om 0:25 Your food made me shit my brains out I had to take a shit ever 20 min ... but the fries was good ease up on the salt a lil bit
24 okt 2018 om 23:26 Service was great, they took my allergies serious and warned me of possible traces! Unfortunately the garlic truffle sauce was just a garlic mayo and the mushy peas a bit off from what I’ve had before.. but all in all not bad
24 okt 2018 om 0:23 Tried both the chicken and the poke bowl. Both great and delicious! Looking forward to eating here again.
24 okt 2018 om 0:22 Absolutely delicious, quickly ready. Best place to have fish in Maastricht.
23 okt 2018 om 19:52 I have ordered the vegetarian dish multiple times and I have always loved it, except today. I don’t know what happened, but it was just wrong. I could not eat it at all.
14 okt 2018 om 19:15 Chips waren lekker gebakken, wel veel zout. Vis ook lekker krokant. Heeft goed gesmaakt
12 okt 2018 om 21:28 The food was cold and moist.
19 sep 2018 om 23:18 I ordered here before but this time the fries and fish wasn’t living up to the quality I had before. Overall, pretty dry.